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         Papers & Speeches
Sr. No. Name of Paper Appeared in
1       Getting India Back to the Growth Turnpike: What will it take?, India Review, 14:1, 128-152 (2015) March 13, 2015
1      Secular Stagnation: Can India Buck the Trend?, Brookings, 2014. November 2015
1      India - What Policies and Reforms are Necessary to Put the Economy Back on the Right Track? : Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference March 25, 2014
2      Currency Internationalization and Reforms in the Architecture of the International Monetary System: Managing the Impossible Trinity July, 2013
3      The Demand for Non-Technical Studies at Imperial College (With D.Wield, J.Shield and J.S.R. Goodlad) RBI Bulletin, June 2009.
4      Innovation and Growth: Role of the Financial Sector RBI Bulletin, April 2008, pp 559-577.
5      Statistical System of India: Some Reflections RBI Bulletin, July 2007, pp 11551163.
6      Risks Associated with Macroeconomic Adjustments: Global Perspective RBI Bulletin, February 2007, pp 221234.
7      Reserve Bank of India Archives: Some Reflections and the Way Forward RBI Bulletin, November 2006,
     pp 1301–1304.
8      Avian Influenza Pandemic: Preparedness within the Financial Sector RBI Bulletin, August 2006, pp 963969.
9      Human Development and State Finances RBI Bulletin, December 2005,
     pp 1123-1129.
10      Fiscal Challenges of Population Ageing : The Asian Experience      RBI Bulletin, October 2004, pp 825-849
11 Globalisation : The Role of Institution Building in the Financial Sector : The Indian Case Vol:1 & Vol:2 RBI Bulletin, February 2004, pp 117-151 
12      Economic Development of the North East Region : Some Reflections RBI Bulletin, December 2003, pp 925-937
13      Economic Reforms and Poverty Alleviation - A Tale of Two Surveys (With Deepak Lal and I.Natarajan) Economic and Political Weekly,
     Vol. XXXVI No.12, March 24-30, 2001,
     pp. 1017-1028
14      Public Sector Reform and Issues in Privatisation in Isher Ahluwalia, OmkarGoswami, and Rakesh Mohan Policy Reform in India, Paris: OECD      Development Centre, 1996.
15 Future of the World Bank New Delhi: Rajiv Gandhi Institute of      Contemporary Studies: 1995.
16      Bioengineering and Economics: The Indian Outlook (With Dinesh Mohan) Institution of Engineers (India)      Journal, Vol. 54, August 1974.